Omar Dismuke II

Developing Despite Distance

Developing Despite Distance

Brand Identity | Marketing

Developing Despite Distance is a non profit organization whose mission is to keep Detroit’s young men of color connected to their incarcerated parent. Through group discussions, activities, and outings, the organization helps boys of color find ways to talk about their incarcerated parents and builds connections based on similar experience.

I helped Developing Despite Distance or 3D Detroit for short (or if your cool enough) establish their organization’s brand by creating an identity that would give supporters the right message and a marketing website. It was necessary to express the mission through emotion and empathy. The contrasting golden yellow and black signifies boldness and seriousness while the hands represents connection.

Once I established the brand identity, we move into the marketing phase and developed a social media campaign strategy for reaching its supporters and to build a community on Instagram. Over the course of 6 months I managed and created engaging content utilizing immense research and statistical data. The result was a beautifully designed social media profile that provided value and harnessed awareness all while remaining brand consistent.



Developing Despite Distance | Detroit, MI

My role:

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Signage

  • Social Media Management

  • Research

  • Digital Content Creation

  • Art Direction

  • Website Development



My challenge was to capture the emotion between a child and their incarcerated parent. I must say this was a fulfilling project to be apart of. It was an honor to be involved with such a meaningful organizational.

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developing despite distance
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