Omar Dismuke II

Sunou Foods

Sunou Foods

Brand Identity

This Detroit based family owned business sought to create a product was centered around family, tradition and locally natural ingredients. Blending rich traditional Korean ingredients with contemporary twist, this plant based sauce company, sought to make a name for itself and it’s brand.

Sunou Foods is a family owned company in Detroit, Michigan specializing in vegan sauces. They’re unique in their use of ingredients traditionally used in Asian recipes, infused with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Sunou Foods makes their products using fresh, simple, locally sourced, plant-based ingredients, with no artificial preservatives.



Sunou Foods, LLC | Detroit, MI

My role:

  • Brand Identity

  • Logo

  • Illustration

  • Packaging Design 

  • Art Direction



My challenge as Art Director was to keep the tradition and prominence of Asian culture while using a clean contemporary undertone. I particularly loved how the logo symbol of a phoenix came out. I referenced one of the owners tattoo for the design. :)