Omar Dismuke II

Candy Shack

Candy Shack Daiquiris

Brand Identity

Inspired by the traditional New Orleans daiquiri Candy Shack sought out to be the new sheriff in town offering a new spin on an old favorite. Candy Shack Daiquiris now has 5 locations in the Houston-area, and 1 Dallas-area location! They’re known for their signature robust candy toppings and their gourmet aesthetic.

My challenge was to help Candy Shack establish their brand personality by establishing a visual identity that wouldn't be forgotten. I felt it necessary to create a color palette that was bright and reminded their consumer of sweet treats and good vibes. 



Candy Shack Daiquiris To Go | Houston, TX

My role:

  • Research

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Signage

  • Art Direction



The palm trees and beach house elements represents the island origin of the daiquiri. The retro 1970s typeface was chosen to signify good vibrations and overall grooviness.