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The Aware Brand

The Aware Brand

brand MANAGEMENT | Digital marketing

This brand is intended to inspire those of working to elevate their self-awareness, the awareness of their community, and the awareness of the world at large. This streetwear brand combines contemporary urban fashion with a social mission of self identity and conscious enlightenment. 

I wanted to ensure that The Aware Brand wasn’t just another urban clothing line. Positioning in this crowded marketplace was key. With an initial rebrand of their original signature “eye heart logo”, I established a series of fashion collections that featured signature apparel pieces each with an underlying message. 

The client and I took our talents to Instagram to build the brand’s online tribe, educate target audiences on awareness. The mission was to strategically drive customers back to the merchandise and to build an online community.



The Aware Brand

My role:

  • Logo

  • Illustration

  • Fashion Apparel Design

  • Creative Direction 

  • Art Direction

  • Social Media Management

  • Content Creation

  • Digital Advertising


Know Yourself Collection

This collection featured the signature eye logo in emblem form surrounded by the arching phrase “know yourself”. In 2019, the “pocket” printing location became incredibly popular. The emblem was duplicated on the back at larger scale, which was also a huge trend.


Pride Collection

Released in February, this fresh take on the cultural Red, Black, and Green featured the signature eye logo as the focal point in this collection.


Carbon Collection

After stumbling upon very interesting research, the element carbon became very fascinating to me. Upon my explanation of my research and discovery, the owners wanted to implement it into a signature line. The design features the now overly saturated repetitive text combined with some outline type


Digital Marketing

Once we developed a series of product releases, the brand moved into the marketing phase to develop campaigns that told stories through thought provoking content and unconventional visuals. Keeping the brand consistent on social media was important to the company owners.

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