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Gym Launch - Case Study


Gym Launch - Case Study

Digital advertising | visual design

Founders Alex & Leila Hormozi completed transformed the fitness business with their industry disrupting business model and proven system. Today, the Gym Launch model has transformed over 1500 gyms in four continents.

Positioning in today’s busy marketplace as a leader is imperative for sustainability. But this was no ordinary company. This category king scaled to $30+ million in revenue just 3 years. In fact, one of the company’s core tenets is Grow or Die. So in order to help this fast growing company achieve their goals, I had to think big and strategic

The first thing we did was establish a brand presence that emanated dominance and credibility. With an influx of entrepreneurs and the use of ClickFunnels landing pages becoming saturated in the digital space, we wanted to assure that Gym Launch wasn’t just seen as some internet startup. My role was making sure customers understood that they were a REAL company that delivered REAL results.

Over the course of 7 months, I helped develop a variety of lead generation campaigns, internal company assets, sales products, established the CEOs personal brand, and a host of marketing strategies; as a result, further positioning Gym Launch as category king and keeping the company’s run rate within scope.


Gym Launch Management, LLC | Austin, TX

My role:

  • Research

  • Print Design

  • Apparel Design

  • Digital Advertising

  • Lead Generation

  • Signage

  • Social Media

  • Content Creation

Creative Director: Dane Bourdo | Josh Guiles

Copywriter: Brice Woodard

Logo designed at: Scotch & Ramen, Inc


Got Swag?


Podcast Cover Art

Believe it or not, this was the original artwork for Alex Hormozi’s podcast. Yea, I know.

I couldn’t have that. So I developed a cleaner, contemporary look that featured the CEO’s photo and remained on brand.


Gym Launch Secrets Book

When Alex Hormozi decided to release is first book, he wanted a cover that was bold and strong as him. I kept the cover design on brand by incorporating the signature black and gold palette. Once the book was done, I designed a series of Facebook ads that were sure to capture attention and drive sales.


Digital Advertising

Lead generation at Gym Launch was the name of the game. I was instrumental in designing multiple B2B/B2C campaigns for Facebook and Instagram.


Content Creation

Content is king, but marketing is queen and she runs the house! Social media is one of the most effective tools for building community and positioning your brand. While at Gym Launch, Prestige Labs, a nutrition subsidiary company, was launched. My role was to design a multitude of digital content that provided value, proved credibility and educated followers.